Four perks of chartering a private jet (other than the obvious)


You already know that flying private saves time, is incredibly convenient and can be more cost affective, but there's a few more spoonfuls of icing on the cake.

Keep your full-size bottles:
While having TSA PreCheck will have eliminated most of the inconveniences of going through security on a commercial flight, you’re still subject to the ban on liquids on your carry-on. Flying private? You can bring exactly what you need without worrying that a TSA agent will toss it.

Bring your pet with you:
Does your dog ever just know you're packing to go out of town? No matter how you handle it, shipping your furry friend to your destination is either terribly uncomfortable (and in some cases, dangerous) or terribly expensive. With a private jet, you don't have to choose between your pet and your obligations- just bring them along! Added bonus: pets reduce stress.

You're in charge:
For the first time, your flight could work around your schedule. Stuck in traffic and running late? No problem, your jet will wait for you. Need to go somewhere last minute? No problem- private jets can be available within hours notice. Need to spontaneously change your travel plans in the middle of your flight? An unlikely scenario, but still doable. Private jets offer incredible empowerment and flexibility.

Shorter transfers:
Commerical airlines can land in approximately 500 U.S. airports. Private jets have access to over 5,000. Your arrival can be much closer to your final destination, giving you a little extra time to work, relax or just... breathe.

Have any of your own private jet perks?