We found a powerful little towel that does magic with beach hair

Hair truth #1: Your hair is never so vulnerable and damage prone as it is wet. This is the guiding mantra of the Lisse Luxe hair towel by Aquis.

So what do you do if you just got out of the water on your tropical vacation but won't have enough time to bask in nature's blowdryer (ocean breeze and sun) before in-restaurant dinner? You soak up your hair with one of these babies and it'll dry in half the time.

This impressive little number has gotten rave reviews for shortening beauty routines and improving health of locks. Besides, who wants to use a hot blowdryer in the Caribbean?

We're also big fans of the Lisse Luxe Hair Turban ($30), which comes in fun patterns and manages not to look ridiculous in public if you're still lounging on the sand drinking out of pineapples.

Available for purchase on Aquis.com.

Need a luxury beach resort to get your hair wet? We suggest The Cape in Cabo San Lucas.