The perfect place for your swimsuit (besides the beach)

Pop quiz: you changed out of your wet, sandy beachwear but you're still out and about. Where do you put it? If you guessed a reusable magenta storage bag, you'd be correct.

Coming in all sorts of colors, sizes and uses, F1 Go Clean Packing Bags are a lifesaver when it comes to convenient, organized travel. Keep your sandy, muddy, wet items away from your clean ones- a great option for a quick change whether you've just climbed waterfalls in Costa Rica, took a surfing lesson in Cabo or rode ATV's in the Caribbean.

Or, ya know, if you decided to have one last dip in the ocean before you headed to the airport.

We love the wet suit version ($18), but the products vary from shoes to gym gear as well.

Packing bags available for purchase at

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