The "Best Worst" Travel Stories of 2016: We have a winner!

No matter how much of a disaster it was, a travel mishap eventually makes a good story, right? This year's winner, Laura Joplin, made us laugh out loud.

"Just had cesarean, needed a bereavement flight with a 10 day old baby. Dallas Fort Worth, small plane, no air, sat on runway for 45 mins, plane shut down... Then to Oklahoma. Second leg of flight to Arkansas on a puddle jumper, had to walk on the tarmac to the plane outside, hot and hot (July 10th). During the flight, the stewardess fell face first as the seat she was strapped into for takeoff came away from the wall- she looked like a turtle with her arms and legs flailing about. I was sitting there holding my 10 day old baby thinking the plane was going to fall apart before we arrived in Little Rock. I did make though...

Laura, we're glad you made it. So much so that we're sending you a $500 travel voucher to use on your next trip!

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