Cruise Packing Essentials: 6 Items You Will Need

Yesssss, you're going on a cruise! Get ready for champagne sunsets at sea, poolside lounging, incredible cuisine, new experiences... and a whole new world to discover as you sail from port to port.

Want things to stay perfect? We've rounded up a few packing essentials.

Mini Moso Luggage Freshener
Especially if you’re flying to your cruise port, you can count on your clothes spending an extra long time in your suitcase... and no one wants their evening dress to smell like stale airport. These mini air freshener bags are free of harmful chemicals and just $8.99 on Amazon Prime.

Travel size detergent or Febreeze
If you’re trying not to splurge on full service laundry or would rather just be on vacation than do self-service laundry, get some extra mileage out of a few pieces by freshening or hand washing. You never know when a mai tai might spill on your white pants...

An awesome tote
Forgot something at the pool? Trust us, you don’t want to go all the way back to your room, especially on a larger ship. Bring what you need for hours of entertainment with an awesome travel bag (ideally one that you can double as your carry-on). We love The Catalina weekend bag by Lo & Sons.

Clothes organizers
Experienced cruisers swear by this: an-over-the-door shoe bag (the ones with clear pockets for like, twenty pairs of shoes) can be a lifesaver when trying to locate all of your belongings quickly in between shore excursions and live entertainment. Bonus: this could save some space in those impressively tight storage options.

Your favorite essentials:
We love forgoing our staples for experiencing new, luxurious hotel amenities, but to be honest, cruise ship toiletries can be a far cry from your faves, and quite limited in variety. The same goes for the blowdryer… So if it’s important to you to feel somewhat like your usual self, bring travel sizes of your go-to products.

Wet clothes storage bags:
If you’re doing a really outdoorsy shore excursion, you’ll want somewhere to keep your dirty/wet items until you’re back to the stateroom (or back home, for that matter). These Flight 001 Go Clean Packing Bags come in super handy and make organizing colorful and fun.

Have must-pack item to share? Let's hear it in the comments section below!