Corporate Meetings and Incentives Resolutions


How do you know if your next corporate event will be a fresh, inspiring experience or if this year's reward trip will incentivize and inspire? You know because you strategically planned it that way... every detail with the attendee in mind. We have five tips to get you started.

Resolution #1:  Start fresh
Start your meetings and incentives off fresh this year.  Define objectives.  Define success.  Align your stakeholders.  Ensure every decision during the planning process supports your objectives. (Relevant read: Getting a Seat at the Table.)

Resolution #2:  Focus on ROI
Defining success is not enough.  You need to define how ROI will be measured.  Our advice, leverage data!  We tap on to our relationship with Cvent and our Cvent Event Management platform to offer measurement solutions to our clients.

Resolution #3:  Spend wisely
Take a look at your 2017 event calendar.  Do certain times of the year overwhelm you?  We understand the peaks and valleys in your business and design our solutions to support this!  We offer a la carte solutions to offer you support where you need it and when you need it. 

Resolution #4:  Be more strategic
We all get overwhelmed with tasks.  It is human instinct to start checking things off the list one by one.  My advice to you, take some time to look at the big picture.  Are there ways we can be more strategic with your sourcing by driving meetings to one hotel brand?  Do you know what event support services you will need throughout the year?  I know I provide better pricing for my clients when I see the full picture.  Strategic planning not only saves you money, it saves you time and streamlines your processes.

Resolution #5:  Focus on service
The fastest growing businesses in today’s economy meet needs their customers did not know they had.  Think about Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb.  They understand us.  They change our behaviors.  They increase our expectations.  They have been wildly successful because they have focus on service. How can you leverage technology and personalization to increase your service levels?  What customer service standards are you setting for you event teams?

If you'd like to discuss any of these resolutions in detail, let's start a conversation!