2017 Travel Management Resolutions & Strategy


It might be painful to look at 2016- which is why a new year is so great! Here's a glimpse into the future of your managed business travel (don't worry, we'll help you stick to each and every goal).

Resolution #1: Don’t go over your travel budget
How? Travel policy ensures compliance and monthly reporting keeps you on track.

Resolution #2: Track your unused tickets
How? We have an entire system that tracks your unused airline credits and prompts you and our agents to utilize them whenever applicable. We also have the ability to do a name change on a credit. #agencyperks

Resolution #3: Fully leverage your travel spend via company level point programs
How? Sign up for American Business Extra, Delta SkyBonus, and United Perks Plus if you haven’t already. AND, ensure the account numbers are being added to every reservation. Hint: we automatically do it for you.

Resolution #4: Maximize vendor discounts
How? Our partnership with Tzell Travel, a global consortia, allows you to receive substantial discounts and additional concessions.

Resolution #5: Enhance traveler safety
How? Duty of care. Our technology keeps you proactive and in the know while your travelers are on the road.

We may not be able to make your smoothies for you or help you go to the gym, but we can definitely help you proactively approach your 2017 travel management strategy.