Can't Wait For Your Vacation? Download the Duolingo Language App

If the time between now and your vacation plans feels like FOREVER, you have the perfect excuse to learn a new language... and we found a surprisingly fun, easy, and 100% free way to do it.

Close Instagram and Facebook for a few minutes and maximize your relaxation time with Duolingo, an app (with an online version, thanks goodness) that was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2017 by offering an entertaining, clever way to learn languages. 

To start, just pick your language of choice and take a quick test to test your level of fluency. (If you're feeling pretty confident after four years of French in high school, think again... our tester had to relearn the difference between "un" and "la!").

Next, you'll set your daily goals, from casual (5 minutes daily) to insane (20 minutes daily), and you're ready for a myriad of trivia-type questions based on your level of fluency. You even earn virtual currency to enhance your learning experience.

What's really great is that the imagery and learning style is entertaining enough to keep an adult intrigued but is perfect for children as well, making for some great quality family time. You'll type out phrases, word match and more while listening to helpful pronunciations.

Ready to find out for yourself? Learn more about Duolingo here.

Au revoir!