Five things a pharmaceutical company needs from their TMC

If there's one thing we know about our clients, it's that no two industries have the same travel management needs (and neither do two companies, for that matter).

Headquartered in the thriving biotech DNA that makes up San Diego, CA, our travel management company devotes nearly a quarter of our business services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

That being said, we truly understand how travel comes into play for these industries, as well as the ways a great travel management partner should be supporting you.

Here are our top five:

#1: Scalability:

You are positioning yourself for fast growth, and you need a travel partner who can scale with you. Our technology allows us to seamlessly adapt to the number of team members you have on the road while our account managers continuously collaborate with you on ways to keep your travel spend under control as you evolve.

#2: Quality Control:

You can't afford to waste time, energy or money on fixing easily avoidable travel mistakes or monitoring potential hiccups. Our smart QC processes ensure accuracy of reservations, and our eagle-eyed business travel agents are trained to treat reservations as their own, making it easy to spot anything that looks off.

#3: Safety + Comfort:

Your most innovative researchers and executive team need to be protected during travel. We use SafetoGo technology to identify locations of all travelers at any time, along with the proactive 24/7 support for schedule changes, weather complications or political unrest. We also have a VIP program specifically for your travelers who would benefit from extra special treatment (trust us, this works wonders for retention).

#4: Compliance:

You may need reporting that keeps you compliant with the Sunshine Act. Through our robust reporting platforms, you'll have access to the data you need within your required timeframes.

#5: Meetings:

Whether it is an investigator meeting, product launch, or sales rally, you need face time. You can easily transition services from our Managed Business Travel division to our Meetings + Incentives Travel division to handle group air, venue selection, attendee registration, and so much more.

As you continue to innovate in your field, are you getting everything you need from your travel management company? Reach out if there's anything we can do to support your business.