Stuck in a corporate meeting rut? Let's bring back the field trip!

Above: An accurate prediction of what your attendees will feel like.

Above: An accurate prediction of what your attendees will feel like.

Who didn't love field trip day as a kid? Besides the much needed escape from the boring classroom, it made the learning experience exciting and entertaining. Plus, you got to talk to your friends all day without getting in trouble.

In the same fashion, the quintessential corporate meeting also needs a break from the ordinary at times. Give your attendees the chance to regain their sense of childlike wonder and curiosity with hands-on learning experiences and adventurous outings designed to be social.

For example, at this year's PCMA Education Conference in New York City, attendees met in Times Square and struck out in six different directions for off-site educational sessions tailored to their individual interests. One group of participants were given a unique leadership session at Central Park’s iconic Tavern on the Green, and across town, others focused on the topic of data with an immersive assemble-it-yourself virtual-reality viewer at the flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue. Over at the The Manhattan Center, things got a bit theatrical with producers, directors and screenwriters as guest speakers- a major treat for those interested in production design. (Full article here).

Feeling inspired? Here's a few reasons to consider breaking your large corporate meeting out into smaller off-site experiences (or as we like to call them, corporate field trips):

People Like Different
Whether you're tackling group activities or the dining experience, corporate field trips are a fun twist on the conventional breakout session or dine around because it allows you to get creative and experiment with the new and different. What haven't they seen before? What will wow them?

People Like Learning
When your attendees are engaged with a learning opportunity, their happiness blossoms. It's science. Get strategic and create enriching educational experiences around specific roles, or simply introduce a fun-loving group to the art of mixology. Regardless, they will emerge from your corporate meeting more fulfilled (with your organization to thank).

People Like Options
A lower head count per activity can lead to more focused learning experiences and foster more intimate connections. On one hand, you can take advantage of this flexibility to individualize specific breakout environments for different attendee types after your general session. Alternatively, just having a variety of smaller, organized activities for attendees to choose from (cooking classes, paddle boarding, beach cleanups, etc.) can be a refreshing compliment to a long day of training.

People Like Purpose
Use corporate field trips to embellish the specific themes or objectives of your meeting in a meaningful way. Use a city scavenger hunt for team building, conduct meet and greets with established influencers for your leaders, book dreamy spaces for collaborating or find social venues for networking. What areas of business do you want to develop? Design your field trips around that concept and give your attendees wings to make it happen.

People Like Storytelling
Meaningful, interesting moments rarely happen without the desire to share them with others. Imagine the storytelling, bonding and connections that await when your attendees have unique experiences to share with each other... each one centered around your brand. Hashtag priceless.

If your next corporate meeting could benefit from an interesting field trip dynamic, let's talk! We'd love the opportunity to combine your vision with our logistics and creativity.