Could employee vacation perks be saving your business travelers' sanity?

Vacations make employees more productive and collaborative when they're back in the office- it's a proven science. And no one needs to find their work-life balance more than your stressed out, fast-paced business travelers.

How can you nail this opportunity? We have three quick tips.

Make it normal

Vacations are all too often associated with feelings of guilt or martyrdom, so it's up to your organization to make personal time a totally normal, well-deserved expectation. In addition, be sure you are openly encouraging your business travelers to avoid burnout and that they are aware of their vacation options. To help our organizations identify their most frequent travelers, we've implemented a VIP business traveler program that includes touch points just like this.

Make it easy

Suggest that your business travelers add one or two of their PTO days at the end of what would otherwise be a stressful, draining experience. It's called "bleisure," and as road warriors ourselves, we live by this. It's is a win-win for your traveler because it takes a lot of the pressure and cost out of planning a full-on vacation from scratch, especially if your organization is already covering their return flight and they plan to stay in the same or a nearby destination. (If you're curious how duty of care and liability come into play, we can easily dissect that for you.)


If your traveler has an unforgettable experience and has you to thank for it, company loyalty is naturally being increased. That's where we come in. As an extension of the travel management services we provide to our clients, we include free vacation planning for all of their employees. This includes VIP perks like complimentary upgrades, breakfast, resort credits and more. Your business traveler will come back feeling extra renewed and extra appreciated.

If you're interested in making personal vacations more attainable for your business travelers, we'd love to have a conversation!