Using the meetings registration process to reinforce achievement

It's finally here! Will the registration email make their day?

It's finally here! Will the registration email make their day?

The day has finally come to announce who has qualified them for your annual incentive trip. And you have to absolutely nail this.

Why? Because to your hardworking superstars, this is the definitive moment they have been dedicated toward for the past year, and this moment should reflect your awareness of that. To help you brainstorm, we've broken down opportunities to reinforce achievement before, during and after the registration process.

The Invitation Email

The registration site launch email (aka, the invite), should accomplish two things: congratulation and call to action. Take advantage of graphics and verbiage to be as vibrant and fun as your culture allows to create an authentic message of excitement. Data gleaned from evaluating our customer’s registration sends shows us that any increased effort put toward the look of the invitation email will produce a higher success of same-day registrations.  And the sooner you get your attendees to the registration site, that more effective your incentive campaign will be in reinforcing achievement.

The Registration Site

A registration site is so much more than a registration site. It is a platform to excite, celebrate, educate, and communicate. Consider separating tiers of achievement in the registration backend to allow elevated perks to top producing groups. Highlight your top producers with bios on a separate navigation tab. Include a pre and post trip options with complimentary benefits like upgrades, resort credits and free nights (this is a added benefit for Cadence accounts due to our industry status and partnerships). Include content like destination videos, trip highlights, images and more to generate a genuine "wanderlust" feeling.

The WOW Factor

Your team is deserving of special treatment, which can be seamlessly facilitated by registration technology. We monitor details like birthdays that fall before or during the event so we can send small gifts or have in-room amenities awaiting arrival onsite. We look into the additional guest type so we can collaborate on special experiences for their personal dynamic- is it a romantic escape? A family vacation? Mother-daughter retreat? We build anticipation through questions about their favorite magazines or snacks so we can have survival kits waiting at the airport. It is all about making each and every guest feel like they have earned something extraordinary.

How else can technology be leveraged to meet your meetings and incentives objectives? The possibilities are endless! If you'd like to start a conversation, this is definitely one of our favorites.