Using incentive marketing to drive sales and ROE

Are your sales team members actively visualizing their incentive trip potential?

Are your sales team members actively visualizing their incentive trip potential?

Looking back, can you say your annual reward trip had a "return on experience" that met your overall sales goals and objectives? We think it should- every single time.

Last year, we upped our game with one of our long term sales organizations by implementing a multi faceted incentive marketing campaign. The campaign, as it always should, launched during the awards dinner of the previous year’s trip. The inspiring and personalized video marketed the next years destination hit the group’s sweet spot better than dessert did!

From there, we sent out monthly emails transparently identifying the status of each team member, including both achievement levels and "almost there" achievement levels.

The result? So many sales team members qualified that we needed to block space at another hotel.

Incentive trips are incredible ways to reward and retain top producers. But if you're looking for ways to use incentive marketing to drive sales and meet business objectives, here are a few:

  • Make it visual: Create a marketing video for the reward trip including destination and hotel
  • Make it real and top of mind: By emailing a description of a different experience to your sales team each week (for example, describe the award winning golf course, list the available complimentary spa treatments, highlight the catamaran excursion or showcase the complimentary water-sports marina).
  • Make it competitive: distribute stats monthly and offer incentives for early achievers
  • Make it educational: Includes sales tips from top producers in your monthly stats

How else can technology be leveraged to meet your meetings and incentives objectives? The possibilities are endless! If you'd like to start a conversation, this is definitely one of our favorites.