Cast your cares to the wind aboard a Tauck Small Ship Cruise


When it comes to a vacation getaway that lives up to its promise of truly getting away from it all, Tauck’s Small Ship Cruises sail right to the top.  Cruise aboard a small ship that’s big on adventure, handpicked for the destination and designed to delight with fewer passengers onboard. Enjoy premier amenities and spacious accommodations that cater to your cruising comfort, along with thoughtful & uniquely personal touches and an attentive and intuitive staff.  

On a Tauck small ship cruise, it’s all about how you experience the destination. By day, you’ll have your choice of expertly led shore excursions that meet your interests, opportunities for hiking, biking and even kayaking, culinary tastings, cultural performances and VIP visits without crowds.  At night, the local stars come out… onboard chefs, an entertaining crew, performers, expert naturalists and Tauck Directors with fascinating insights to share.

Whether you’re onboard for a culturally inspired journey in Latin America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and North America or an expeditionary voyage enriched with insights by BBC Earth to far off shores, with Tauck at the helm, you can cast your cares to the wind because everything is taken care of and all included for you!

* Terms & Conditions apply - ask your Cadence Tauck specialist for details.