Three fitness apps for healthy road warriors


Back pain. Lack of sleep. Less than stellar eating habits.

Signs of someone in need of a serious health intervention, or just a business traveler trying to keep it together on the road?

Traveling for work can be pretty rough on the body- ironically when you're required to be your sharpest. Because we care (er, obsess) about the business travel experience, we've gathered a list of three apps you probably didn't know existed.

Lumo Back is an app supported by a subtle waistband worn around your lower back and core. The highly sensitive band transmits live posture data via Bluetooth to the application on your phone, giving you notifications when you move out of proper alignment. You can also set up communication (by way of a gentle vibration on the band) to remind you how long you've been sedentary and when to get up and walk around.

Fooducate essentially gives you the brain power to make the best decisions on your food choices. Picture this: you have hunger pains at the airport and can't decide between a bag of trail mix and an energy bar. Simply scan the product's barcode and the app will automatically deliver the food's nutrition grade (A, B, C or D), a few pros and cons, and even a suggestion for a healthier alternative. For a more personalized experience, the Fooducate app allows you to keep track of your calorie intake while monitoring your activity, all based on your dietary goals. One more cool note: you can browse Fooducate's database at any time to learn about the healthiest products for you, helping you instantly recognize which parts of that continental breakfast will give you the most nutritional value. Special K Granola? D+. Non-fat FAGE Greek Yogurt? A+!

UP24 by Jawbone is basically a personal trainer and life coach in a bracelet. The fitness app tracks your activity, sleep cycles, diet and even mood... Giving you an extremely comprehensive look at your health. 

"I have a relationship with an app," said Wendy Burk, CEO of Cadence, swearing by the app's effectiveness. The app even delivers reminders and alerts along with personalized insights that keep you moving forward. As long as you don't forget your gym shoes, the app will take care of the rest.

Happy, healthy travels!