No matter where you are in the world (hiking Machu Picchu, swimming in the bright blue waters of the Bahamas, exploring Rome’s monuments and ruins...), there is one unavoidable constant: the sun beating down on your precious skin. And when you're distracted by the excitement of visiting a new place, it's almost unfair how easy it is to turn into the bright red version of yourself by the end of your first vacation day.

Here to save you a lot of pain is JUNE†by Netatmo, a stylish bracelet that reminds you to reapply sunscreen, alerts you when you’re about to be sunburned and even determines whether you need to wear a hat or sunglasses. Fancy, right? Check out the video below:

The small, one-size bracelet measures your UV exposure and daily UV index and sends realtime alerts to your smartphone via bluetooth.

JUNE’s website offers the choice between a leather or silicone bracelet band and three color choices for the clip-on device (Platinum, Gold, or Gunmetal). Included is a charger for the bracelet’s battery and an app that is compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer phone models.

Add this to your list of essential summer travel gear!

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