Do you know what you look like online?

We recently read a news snippet titled, "Apparently, people still use travel agents,” and had to laugh. The value of our industry, even when validated, is still faced with just a hint of skepticism.

Even so, host agencies like ours are optimistic for a global mind shift. Recent surveys have shown that travelers, especially the younger demographic, are accepting (dare we say preferring?) an extra hand when it comes to the experiences they invest in.

This same demographic is also the most digital, making now a crucial time for travel agents to look in the online mirror.

Continue reading for the top three outlets you'll want to have ready:

Social Media: Make sure it's helping you
There's nothing like a dusty social media account to prove that the Internet killed the travel agent, right? While having a business Facebook or Instagram account may seem necessary, it only benefits your online appearance if you actively use it. Think of it like your wardrobe- if you haven't posted in a year (and don't see that changing), it's time to get a helping hand from your host agency's marketing team or temporarily unpublish your profile until you're really ready to be showcased.

Websites: Go sophisticated and simple
Before you drop thousands of dollars and hire a web developer to build you a travel agent website full of robust features, ask yourself why you're building a website. In our opinion, it's something that tells a story, and more importantly, the story of why a traveler should book through you. This can be achieved by something as simple as a custom landing page that lists your preferred partnerships and defines your value proposition. Throw in some beautiful imagery and captivating content and you've got yourself an A+ for first impression.

Email Marketing: It's not just for selling
Our theory on this is pretty simple: if you're not inspiring or educating your clients with your email marketing, it might be more helpful to be one less email in their inbox. While there will be times you'll need to communicate exclusive offers, your open rates will soar if you mix in some travel tips, stories and neat products as well. Your clients deserve something amazing and different in the influx of consumer-faced marketing, and you could be the one to give it to them.

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