What exactly is the point of content marketing?

It's happening right now. You're reading this because something caught your eye... Maybe it was the headline, maybe it was the imagery... Or maybe it's because you read everything on the Internet (no shame).

Now that you've gotten this far, it's time for us to tell you why we write stuff like this. As a host agency, we believe in communicating with our clients for three reasons: to inspire, to educate and to engage. We believe in creating genuine relationships that aren't based solely on selling ourselves and our services. What if you could do the same for your travel clients?

We'll tell you how. It's easy. Two words: don't sell.

We know what you're thinking... How do you make money without selling? It's simple. Rather than sending hot deals, you send great ideas. Rather than showcasing the latest travel bargain you focus on the latest travel news. Trendy products. Proactive information. And (our favorite), travel inspiration. When your clients think travel, they will think of you.

At Cadence, we help our travel specialists become an incredible resource for all things travel. Since we started our content marketing campaign at the beginning of 2016, our open rates are 60% higher than the industry average, and click through rates are 160% above the industry average. Our travel specialists have gotten incredible feedback from clients and even unearthed some who've been silent for years.

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