Say Cheese! Cadence was spotted in the Micato Safaris photo contest!


Micato Safaris, a luxury African safari tour operator, hosts a monthly photo contest where travelers submit their best photos from a former Micato safari in one of three separate categories: people, places, or wildlife. The photos are judged and selected by qualified photographers, travel professionals, and expert safari hands (those who see and experience the bush on a daily basis!)

We are proud to announce that our very own Travel Specialist Steve Kuriga has received an honorable mention for his image of a baby giraffe while on safari in Kenya.

Read Steve's mesmerizing recollection of the moment he took the photo:

"Dawn broke to a cloudless March sunrise as we ventured from Larsen’s Camp to Samburu. While alongside the wildebeest trails we came across a tower of giraffes feasting on nearby acacia trees. This calf was in constant visual contact with the vehicle as I focused and captured his innocence."

View the rest of the winners here.

Have you been on a Micato Safari? Comment below and let know about your experience.