Change management: in with the new (and happy about it!)

Whether the journey toward corporate travel management is an unpaved road or you've simply introduced a new guideline to your travel policy, implementation requires much more than an announcement.

Sure, you can explain to your traveling sales team that an online booking tool is great in the big picture and has long term benefits (it streamlines the process, provides cost savings, and fosters compliance, etc.).

However, the reality is that your travelers may never understand the perks of managed travel as much as you do. A new process means change, and change is hard, and that alone is enough to spoil the potential of even the most sophisticated travel solutions.

How will you motivate your travelers to adhere to policy? How will you handle complaining and frustration as everyone adapts to using a new and different tool? How will you keep your users intrigued with tips and tricks? What if your stakeholders start to doubt their investment in managed travel?

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