Make risk management a crucial part of your business travel program


When unexpected, less-than-ideal chaos starts to affect your business travelers or organization, what is your game plan to manage potential risk?

Given recent events, this is top of mind for us, so we've gathered a few potentially high-risk scenarios as well as how a travel management company should help to mitigate them.

Traveler Safety Risk

You can't always know what is going to happen in the world, but you can always know where your travelers are, and most importantly, if they are safe. Using SafeToGo, we give you 24/7 access to a dashboard identifying the locations of each traveler. In addition, we closely monitor situations affecting upcoming or current issues and send out proactive communications and support options. (This has been especially crucial during the past few weeks of weather-related travel complications.) However, this insight is only possible if your team's travel reservations are being made through your TMC, which makes increasing adoption of your travel program a major priority.

Corporate Liability Risk

If there is any gray area between traveler and corporate responsibility when things go wrong, you'll want to make that black and white ASAP. According to this in-depth download on Duty of Care, "Common law regarding negligence requires employers to exercise reasonable care to prevent or mitigate the impact of foreseeable hazards. If they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent these risks, they will be found in breach of Duty of Care." On the bright side, we have you covered. For starters, the SafeToGo technology mentioned above earns some serious Duty of Care points. We can also help you consider your responsibility for lost luggage, injuries or unforeseen costs during a business trip (or even a bleisure trip). Perhaps travel insurance at your cost should be a mandatory part of every booking? Whatever you decide, we can help you incorporate the details of risk management into your travel policy and even automate applicable details within your online booking tool for immediate compliance. 

Monetary Risk

Sure, mistakes happen. But unnecessary and unforeseen costs add up and can put a huge unwanted dent in your travel budget. The good news is that most monetary risks can be avoided by proactive communications from an effective account manager. For example, we monitor late purchasing behavior, unused tickets, costly cancellations and the fine print (we see you, basic economy!) and make sure your travelers are aware of the least expensive options for managing bookings.

If risk management is a component you'd like added to your travel program, we'd love to have a conversation about how our complimentary support options can give you some peace of mind.