Cadence raises $23,175 for GenerateHope in one month


We've joined the fight against human trafficking and are ready to make a big impact. As part of our partnership with ECPAT, this year's 2017 annual holiday charity benefited GenerateHope.

As a travel management company, we have a naturally heightened awareness of the world around us. This includes the inspiring possibilities of travel as well as, unfortunately, the outlet it creates for human trafficking and exploitation. We are proud to say we have officially began our partnership with ECPAT, which stands for “End Child Prostitution and Trafficking,” and further, have signed the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct. Leveraging our place in the travel industry, we will spend the upcoming years bringing awareness and education to our clients and travel partners. Together, we are all a part of this fight and can make a powerful difference.

The generous, record breaking fundraising night directly sponsored GenerateHope's long-term, comprehensive housing and trauma recovery programs to young women who have been sexually trafficked, including a total of:

Case Managements (Qty: 29):
Provides case management to survivors. Help survivors receive the service they need.

Group Therapy Outings (Qty: 38):
Provides an adjunct therapy outing for six women, including art therapy, equine therapy, music therapy, and more.

Month of Education Needs (Qty: 14):
Sponsors a survivor's education needs for one month. Help her create a future of freedom.

Month of Therapy Sessions (Qty: 4):
Sponsors a survivor's individual therapy sessions for one month. Give her the opportunity to grow.

New Survivor Welcome (Qty: 14):
Welcomes a new survivor to the program, including food, clothing and intake. Rescue her from trafficking.

Room for 1 Month (Qty: 11):
Sponsors a room by providing a survivor's housing for one month. Each woman has her own room.

Weekly Therapy Session (Qty: 35):
Helps sponsor a survivor's weekly therapy sessions. Support her on her journey to overcome her past trauma.

Full 1 Month Package (Qty: 3):
Provide housing, therapy, education and needed services to a survivor for one month.

A message from a survivor:

"In this season of healing and recovery, living at GenerateHope has given me a second chance at life. They have helped me to deal with the issues that have been troubling me throughout my life and given me tools to better handle trauma. It has helped me to take each day of sobriety as a gift, to celebrate recovery. I know now I can choose to be a whole new me and it has given me the confidence that I can be the woman I want to be. GenerateHope has helped me realized my full potential. It has helped to confront the skeletons in the closet and slay the dragons. GenerateHope has give me a safe place where I can heal and grow."

-Liz, Survivor and Resident of GenerateHope