Why Business Travel Managers Should Care About Service


In business travel management, customer service is everything. From creating amazing experiences for individual business travelers to easing the implementation process for travel managers, there are so many ways for things to go right.

We've been in the corporate travel management business for over twenty years, watching game changing technology, unexpected industry changes and innovative new businesses pave the way for how to book and manage business travel.

What have we learned? Customer service is absolutely crucial to a successful, thriving business travel management program. Here's five ways we show we care:

We believe in change management
People generally don't love change. We understand this and know exactly how to help things go smoothly. It starts with establishing a game plan of support from the moment you decide to introduce a new tool or policy for your travelers. Read more here.

We believe in treating VIP travelers like VIPs
If anyone deserves special treatment, it's your top producers who also travel for work. We work on your behalf to strengthen employee retention and brand advocacy through even the most standard business trips. Our VIP Traveler Program recognizes your elite road warriors and rewards them with escalated service and special perks, from free upgrades to birthday treats.

We believe in meaningful relationships
Travel managers are our people. We strive to understand your pain points and collaborate on solutions. We keep you focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, even through the toughest implementations, and celebrate your victories with you along the way. We amp up account management with relevant travel alerts and the most helpful, engaging communications. In short, we make you look like the rockstars you are.

We believe support is our differentiator
Some of our most loyal clients didn't leave their previous travel management company for better tools, better prices, or better perks. It was for a higher level of customer service. At Cadence, we live and breathe for customer service. In fact, our employees are incentivized, rewarded and measured for their customer service performance on a weekly basis. When an exceptional customer service moment happens, we celebrate as a company!

We believe better customer service shouldn’t come at a cost
Why do we provide extended support without additional fees? We do this because we think it’s crucial to a long term partnership and the overall success of your managed travel program.

We could go on and on (we're sort of obsessed with customer service), but we'll leave you with this: if you feel your travel management program unraveling, there might be holes in the level of service you are receiving. Let us know if we can help- we're always here to talk.