Corporate travel managers have a LOT of people to keep happy


Corporate travelers look to their travel manager for better travel experiences, while the CFO is much more focused on cost. HR, on the other hand, just wants to be sure all travelers are safe. With so many varying needs, how does the person overseeing a company's corporate travel program find their balance? Let's take a look at the responsibilities travel managers are expected to take on, and how a TMC can help.

Task #1: Provide an organized booking process

A travel manager is expected to maintain and mandate a corporate travel policy. We consult with travel managers on the most appropriate policy inclusions for their objectives and culture, and make recommendations on how to stay relevant with industry changes and travel trends.

A streamlined booking option is also crucial. We offer a selection of state-of-the-art online booking tools with live support and also have a team of experienced travel agents to handle full service bookings. Traveler profile information and preferences (window or aisle?) are securely stored to save time and reduce errors.

Task #2: Provide travel education and resources

Travel managers are faced with the implementation and training of a new online booking tool, policy, or process. We have 16+ complimentary account management services that help ease the process of change. In turn, this increases adoption, which is the best way for a company to achieve their savings potential.

Travel managers are also obligated to update their travelers on industry changes that will affect their experience, like laptop bans, expedited screening programs, etc. In addition to sending out complimentary communications on behalf of travel managers, we also provide information on trends and products that keep travelers productive, comfortable and happy on the road.

Task #3: Ensure safety and security of travelers

Duty of care is perhaps one of the most critical of all responsibilities required of the travel manager. Through SafeToGo, we provide travel manager's visibility of all travelers while they are on the road, and from there, we can jump in and proactively reroute in the event of an emergency/weather delay etc. On this topic, travel managers should also be empowering their corporate travelers with tips for avoiding theft or fraud on the road. Click here to read a few.

If you or your travel manager could use extra support, services or technology to meet all the expectations of this important role, we'd love to help.