Safety and security tips for corporate travel managers to pass on

How aware are you of theft and fraud risks during travel?

How aware are you of theft and fraud risks during travel?

When we put a new managed travel program in place for a company, one of the first things we communicate to their corporate travelers is that these changes are being made for their own safety and security.

Using SafeToGo technology, our booking process provides an organization with the whereabouts of its travelers in real time so we can provide proactive travel logistics and solutions.

But even with the best technology and most experience in the industry, a TMC and a travel manager can't control everything. Here are a few tips for corporate travelers to do their part in avoiding theft and fraud during travel:

If you're traveling internationally, plan as if you'll lose your passport. Make yourself aware of passport agencies, know where the closest US embassy is located in your destination, carry and leave behind additional photocopies of your passport, and add an "if found" note to your passport.

Valuable Items:
Don’t put valuable or fragile items in your suitcase. If you have to travel with valuable luggage, consider a suitcase with a TSA approved three way zipper lock.

Be aware of theft while on the plane. Put your bag in the overhead bin across from you so you can see any activity around it. Additionally, lay it upside down and backwards so that the zippers are not easily accessible. When you land, go to the baggage claim right away to make sure your checked bags aren't stolen.

Keys + Wallet:
Use a smartphone app like Tile or Chipolo to keep track of important items like keys, wallet, etc.

Phone + Computer
Use webcam covers to avoid being hacked. Add "if found" instructions on your phone and computer. Also, be sure to erase your information on a rental car's history after making a bluetooth connection.

If you have any additional safety and security tips for corporate travelers, we'd love to hear them in the comments section below. Need to talk about organizing your travel program? We'd love to hear from you.